People's energy

Brand Challenge

The Energy marketplace has been deregulated and there are now dozens of different providers offering gas and electricity to domestic customers, including newcomer the People’s Energy. And yet the ‘big six’ providers still dominate – owing to their huge customer base, consumer apathy and their fat marketing budgets, they still hold 87% of all customers – despite being repeatedly shown to have poorer customer service and higher prices!

The challenge for People’s Energy was simply to be heard, and noticed. They needed to make a splash with a shoestring budget, and convert that interest into action and drive sign ups across the quiet summer months.

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Strong minded and opinionated, not afraid to go their own way, or go against the crowd.

Audience info

Consumer audience: attitudinally, rather than demographically defined, People’s Energy attracts the opinionated and independently-minded. Not afraid to make choices different to the norm, this audience wants a more equal world and favours the little guy over big business, the David over Goliath.



With an audience joined more by their interests and beliefs than geography or demographics, we carefully constructed interest-based audiences in Social media, using content insights to identify key influencers, publications, journalists and TV personalities that this audience trusted. We then built bespoke targeting around these interests, pages, topics, hashtags and handles to micro target this audience with messaging that would ‘preach to the choir’ and present People’s Energy as the transparent and fair energy provider they have been waiting for.

Video and display advertising was bought on a contextual and topical basis, to ensure that our ads were showing in relevant content of major news media and publications, whenever stories of the ‘big six’ and all-round corporate greed were trending.

Coupled with hyper local Outdoor advertising in high-dwell areas - with sites cherry picked on the basis of the audience make-up of the area - we delivered a highly relevant and targeted campaign on a shoestring budget.


This campaign proved the model for advertising effectiveness and the brand-audience targeting, and more campaigns are in the pipeline to scale up the approach and continue to take on the big six and make energy a better experience for all.