Peoples Energy

Using date to target audiences by their values

In a crowded energy market the challenge for People’s Energy was simply to be heard, and noticed. They needed to make a splash with a shoestring budget, and convert that interest into action to drive sign ups across the quiet summer months.

With an audience joined more by their interests and beliefs than geography or demographics, we carefully constructed interest-based audiences in Social Media, using content insights to identify key influencers, publications, journalists and TV personalities that this audience trusted.

Video and display advertising was bought on a contextual and topical basis, to ensure that our ads were showing in relevant content of major news media and publications, whenever stories of the ‘big six’ and all-round corporate greed were trending.

Coupled with hyper local Outdoor advertising in high-dwell areas – with sites carefully chosen on the basis of the audience make-up of the area – we delivered a highly relevant and targeted campaign on a modest budget.

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