Pilgrims Choice:
Sequential messaging for a Silicon Valley style launch of the Megablock

We’re honoured to have launched the biggest innovation to hit the cheddar category since the cheese wheel.

Introducing the Megablock from Pilgrims Choice, in a campaign that parodies the overblown product launches beloved by Silicon Valley brands. The twist is that this launch takes place in a supermarket, informing shoppers that the Pilgrims Choice Megablock uses 40% less plastic for the same size piece of cheese in a shape that is easier to cut, slice and grate.

Our media approach was based on sequential messaging across three distinct campaign phases: Tease, Reveal and Closer Look. After building suspense around 2020’s biggest product launch with cryptic messaging across the media mix, we then disclosed the Megablock and what makes it unique using retargeting in digital channels and consistent placements in broadcast mediums. Point-of-sale outdoor mapped by the best performing stores nationally was also included to tap into recency bias and ensure the Megablock found its way into shopping trolleys.

The hero video, an irreverent take on a tech-keynote speech situated in a supermarket refrigerator, is hosted on YouTube’s TrueView platform and supported with traffic from high-impact digital inventory across the Ozone Project’s portfolio.




Tim & Joe

Prod Co.



Leo King @ Stitch

Post Production/Sound Design



Marcus Autelli