Vita Coco

Using mass personalisation to confront the competition

Launching a healthy sparkling drink into a competitive category on a comparatively modest budget was always going to be a challenge.

In true Vita Coco style, our strategy had to be disruptive so we decided to pit ourselves against the competition with a series of hyper-personalised comparison ads.

We wanted to contrast Vita Coco Sparkling’s natural health benefits and low calorie count against other, higher sugar soft drinks.

To showcase the product’s healthy benefits vs. the competition, we created a mass personalisation campaign with dynamic ad tech company Ad Greetz. Our data-driven campaign served out different messages to different audiences, based on location, time of day, the audience’s interests, the best competitor comparisons to make, and detailing their nearest stockist.

This hyper local campaign allowed us to build ads and optimise in real time to the best performing ad in each targeting set. Foodies in Fulham responded best to a comparison with San Pellegrino at lunchtime, while Hipsters in Hackney found the comparison with Cawston Press the most engaging.

In total, we created over 97,000 unique ads which were served out to over 1000 different targeting segments. The hyper relevant nature of the ads meant we drove a view completion rate nearly four times higher than industry benchmarks.