Healthy brands can seize the opportunity

With rumours of increased regulation around the advertising of foods high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) Ed takes a look at the media landscape and the implications for advertisers in this article for Mediapost.

Future clampdowns such as a ban on public transport, or a pre-watershed ban on TV, present a challenge for some brands, and opportunities for others.

However, if the new swathe of start up, healthy food brands are to make an impact, they will need to take on board some of the data-savvy planning techniques that have been honed over the years by the major food advertisers from McDonalds to Mars.

Meanwhile, any food brands affected by HFSS regulations will have to wholeheartedly embrace data and audience-planning in order to keep using paid media to communicate with their target audiences.

Either way, data-driven media is set to be even more important for food and drink brands this year. Check out some of our case studies on the Work page to see how Yonder is doing this for our current crop of clients.

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