Shelter Emergency Fundraising Appeal

Lockdown has hit the charity sector hard, with shops closed and revenue-generating events such as London Marathon cancelled. Meanwhile their services are in high demand as people turn to charities for advice and support. Shelter are no different. The charity’s first brief to us since we started working together is assisting their fundraising efforts as the housing crisis becomes increasingly severe.

Currently TV prices are at a historic low, and Shelter are back on air with their emergency appeal in a DRTV campaign we’ve turned round for them in record time. With people confined to their homes, TV viewing is up around 30% year on year and not just in the evenings, allowing us to reach a much broader audience than a typical daytime schedule.

Keep an eye out for us on Sky and Channel 4 and please spare a tenner if you can!

Text HOME to 70422 to donate now.

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