Shelter new brand launch #FightForHome

Last week saw the launch of our Shelter brand campaign, a watershed moment for Yonder Media. One and a half years in the making, this national campaign seeks to unite the country behind Shelter’s mission: securing a better future in which everyone has the right to a safe and secure place to call home.

Following a collaborative pitch effort in December 2019, we’ve been working closely with creative shop WhoWotWhy on a daily basis to create something that feels bigger than another piece of top-down communications. Taking inspiration from recent social justice movements, our campaign seeks to recapture the radical spirit that Shelter became renowned for in their formative years, under the Fight for Home banner and new brand identity.

Through audience profiling we identified a broad grouping for which our message would resonate best, namely left-leaning people under the age of 45. Running across three distinct phases of activity in Launch, Understand and Act, all communications have been planned to increase brand awareness, engagement and participation through both fundraising and broader support.

A sponsored hashtag on Twitter spearheaded our launch last Wednesday, placing Shelter’s mission right at the heart of trending conversation. We’ve combined this with a national outdoor campaign, cherrypicked TV spots, Broadcaster VOD, magazine insertions and wider digital activity across WeTransfer, Ozone Project and paid social channels to ensure Shelter’s message and new identity is unmissable, engaging and far-reaching.

Campaign Magazine covered the launch here. Our first burst of activity will be live until the end of June, after which a nine-month content partnership with VICE will seek to unpack the complexities of the housing crisis while mobilising support for the charity. More to follow in due course!

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