Pilgrims Choice

Consideration building across AV and social

Pilgrims Choice had achieved high levels of brand awareness with their Charlie’s Dream campaign but how could we continue to engage flavour enthusiasts and prompt shoppers to buy the product more frequently in 2019?

Cue the Dishes of your Dreams – three 10-second TV spots illustrating each dish transporting the eater into a flavourful and fantastical dreamscape. These films were released sequentially throughout the year across both TV and online ensuring that the dishes featured were seasonally relevant for potential shoppers.

Across social channels, we created gifs out of each dish episode to engage users across Facebook and Instagram, even using day-part and weather activated messaging to make our dishes extra appealing. To extend the activity further, we curated our hero assets to create more attention grabbing formats such as the Instant Experience ad to drive brand recall and consideration.

We’re currently awaiting final results for this campaign but things are looking promising with ad awareness and consideration already surpassing competitors.

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