A TV debut to encourage families to celebrate moments of togetherness

Our first work with delicious snack brand, Proper, was planning and buying for Proper’s first-ever TV advertising campaign.

The brand’s media had historically been focussed on Outdoor and Experiential to drive stand out and prompt impulse buys. However, in this campaign, we reflected changes in media habits and consumer behaviour in a lockdown-proof strategy with a TV and VOD campaign and an exclusive deal with Sky Media.

The Popcorn Done Properly campaign, created during lockdown in three weeks, included a 20-second ad featuring exploding CGI popcorn kernels and the vibrant visual identity of the Propercorn brand.

The campaign tapped into shared TV viewing moments, with big budget dramas from Sky’s portfolio accessed through a Boxsets media buy through Sky Media. In addition, films and comedy were targeted across Sky’s owned and partner channels on linear TV.

Propercorn’s contextual placements positioned sharing bags of Propercorn as the perfect accompaniment to big screen viewing.

The campaign was supported by social media across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, mirroring the strategy of times of togetherness, and tapping into those shared moments of fun as people stayed in touch with friends across social media.

The targeted approach tapped into the behaviour of core Propercorn consumers; who over-index in their use of on-demand and subscription streaming services.

The TV ad ran on SKY network channels as well as airing on VOD Sky Boxsets including Brassic Season 2 and Gangs of London.

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The campaign saw a 65% increase in prompted awareness together with a big jump in penetration, both in-store and through online grocery.


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