Brand Challenge

Meantime had a brilliant creative idea to bring excitement back to the brand, and engage their trade customers at the same time: Free Proper Beer day, a one day activation to drive trial by letting the beer do the talking. On 26th April, Meantime would gave away tens of thousands of unbranded pints of Meantime, in what the media called the world’s ballsiest blind taste test.

However, with many different opinions on how to develop the campaign, internally and across the group of agencies, the campaign was in danger of becoming less than the sum of its parts.

Meantime turned to us refocus the strategy, integrate the thinking, and make the campaign idea come to life across all their marketing touchpoints.

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Trade audience: Pub group owners & group managers

Consumer audience: London drinkers looking for a pint of proper beer

Audience info

Meantime’s trade customers are always looking for the next trendy beer, so we wanted to persuade them to stick with Meantime on their taps. As busy publicans, they needed to see that Meantime still had appeal, and that our marketing power could bring punters into the pubs.

Meanwhile, the young pint drinkers of London are a cynical bunch, not to mention serial ad avoiders, so we knew we had to find a different way to reach them, beyond just paid media – and tap into their natural sociability.

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We reframed the strategic challenge, centring the comms effect on the publicans, rather than the public: as long as they felt like Free Proper Beer day was huge, the campaign would be successful.

We structured the whole campaign into a logical, phased approach, establishing clear roles for the different channels and defining the messaging hierarchy across paid media, earned media, and Meantime’s owned media (and the network of pubs taking part).

We mapped out all the campaign touchpoints, joining up the consumers’ experience of the campaign to ensure the activity played out in an integrated way all along the customer journey.

We produced Campaign Experience blueprints which served as the definitive version of how the campaign should be delivered, and helped Meantime’s media, PR, and creative agency work smarter and more integrated to deliver an awesome campaign.


With almost 20,000 pints redeemed; a 148% increase in brand engagement; and an earned media reach of nearly 18m, Meantime showed the trade it should be on tap in every pub, and proved to consumers that the original London craft beer was, well, a proper beer.


Pints drunk 20,000

Brand engagement +148%

Earned media reach 18m