Generating huge buzz with large scale activation

London’s biggest round.

Founded in 1999, Meantime pioneered craft beer in London. Yet as it’s grown, it’s faced a challenge: the city was turning to new and seemingly more exciting craft beers, or sticking to mainstream lager.

To get London to rediscover Meantime, we did the unthinkable. We took the branding off everything, and with it all preconceptions. And then we turned London’s original craft beer brand… into a website, where beer drinkers could get a free, proper tasting pint with no strings attached. Creating a massive one-day-only event that engaged both our trade partners and drinkers, driving footfall into pubs for a free proper pint. And only after they’d had their pint, we revealed who it was. We put our money where their mouths are, and let our beer do the talking.

The campaign, which ran across OOH, digital and print, encouraged over 200 pubs in and around London to sign up and give away free pints of Meantime.

Out of the 44,194 people that registered, 18,690 people redeemed their free pints of Meantime meaning participating pubs were serving pints at a rate of one a minute!

Londoners obviously love a free proper beer.

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