Creating an audience groundswell around the need for increased Social Housing

Shelter’s latest campaign is aimed at galvanising the public audience’s support around the need for more social housing.

To create genuine talkability, and ensure the vital topic of Social Housing is not overlooked in any post-Covid policy development, we surrounded the news agenda to build salience and support for this key issue.

We used media to create the impression of scale, urgency and energy, based on four principles:

Public: Media that can be seen by all to create a sense of collective resonance

Frequent: Reinforcing salience and increased mental availability

Topical: Align with news agenda, culture, and opinion, to cut through in importance

Social: Amplification of the cause through social proof and herd bias to increase consideration

To improve petition sign ups and increase marketing opt in we overhauled Shelter’s Social Media ads strategy, making use of Facebook’s in-app lead generation capability and creating an innovative Messenger bot which made the signing up process totally frictionless.

Since implementing the new strategy, we have seen:

  • 70% increase in conversation rate
  • Reduction in cost-per-lead by 209%
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