Vita Coco

Dynamic outdoor planning to recruit new audiences

With the launch of new ‘impossible to hate’ Pressed Coconut Water – coconut water that actually tastes of coconut – Vita Coco had the opportunity to bring in a new audience of previous coconut water rejectors. But first, we had to get people’s attention, drive trial and stand out near the point of sale.

We began by identifying a number of London hotspots to disrupt office workers who were in close proximity to stockists. This approach was executed through an OOH plan of roadside, transport and retail formats, supplemented by a geo-targeted social media strategy that would grant us the optimal balance of reach and cost efficiency.

Copy was tailored to the location, time of day and context of the ad while social listening allowed us to tailor ads on the fly to tap into the trends. From the heatwave to Love Island, over 30 pieces of copy were used across the campaign.

And to ensure our campaign was impossible to miss, not just #ImpossibleToHate, we turned a number of London’s phone boxes into larger than life Vita Coco Tetra Paks – to surprise Londoners, drive familiarity at the point of sale and support a programme of sampling across the city.

All that buzz paid off for the trade side of their business: Pressed is now available in over 4000 stockists across the UK – not bad for a new product launch!

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